28 Day Diet Challenge

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Dieting can be a lot of hard work and getting started can impact your lifestyle in more ways than you first imagine. 

A diet ultimately requires a lot of commitment and dedication. So if you are interested in starting a diet then there are a few things you can do to make life easier and increase the chances that you will stay motivated as you work towards your ultimate goal.

Remember: Small Steps Lead To Big Goals

The first thing you should do is set some realistic targets for yourself. Start with the small things too, because this will help you overcome inertia. 

Little changes can be made without too much effort. The mental boost you get from successfully changing little things in the early stages will motivate you to get to the next target. You basically hack your psychology to form the habits that make the whole thing a self-fulfilling process. 

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Drink More Water

Drinking more water can work wonders. Not only does proper hydration keep your body functioning properly, but it also boosts energy and brain function.  

The other thing to consider is that by drinking more water, you can actually end up drinking less of the stuff that can be bad for you. Things like caffeinated, or sugary drinks. Not only do these sorts of fluids have lots of hidden calories, but teas, coffees and sugary drinks can actually have a dehydrating effect. 

Get yourself a BPA-free water bottle and try to track the amount of water you drink throughout the day. 


Make Your Life As Easy As Possible

We have built a business out of helping busy people improve their health and wellbeing. We know from experience that life often gets in the way! It is day-to-day stuff, like trying to prepare a healthy meal after a long day at work, or grabbing something unhealthy because you didn’t have time to sort breakfast. 

There is a simple solution: plan ahead to make sure you’ve got the right things around you! 

Work Out Your Meals

At the start of your 28 day diet challenge you should work out the sort of meals that you like to eat. Think about healthy and nutritious dishes that you will be happy to have over the next month. It is recommended that you try to eat a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as enough protein and carbs to keep you moving forward.

Ideally you should be eating the right sort of portions for your caloric requirements too. A hearty meal doesn’t have to be MASSIVE. We’re not really for diets that count calories at Recipe for Results, but it is really easy to overeat so watch your portion sizes.


Go For Convenience 

A lot of the food industry is built around convenience. Unfortunately, convenient options are often the most unhealthy options. 

It is really simple to batch cook meals at home. There are loads of easy to cook recipes that can be refrigerated or frozen for later. If you aren’t the best chef, but would like to have healthy and convenient meals then you should check out our meal prep services

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Do Your Research 

There is so much information out there online, some good and some a little more extreme. Take a bit of time to research different diets, fitness plans and healthy activities. Talk to people who have been on their own diet journeys and try to learn from their experiences. The main thing to look for is something that will work for you, because that will be key to your success! 


Get Some Support!

The 28 day diet challenge can be a great way to start forming the long-term habits you will need to succeed. It is a bit of a kick starter! 

We are big on helping people help themselves and there are loads of resources on our blog. If you would like any further help or advice on getting started then we are more than happy to discuss a diet plan for you. We also offer online personal training to help people get started on their health and fitness journey. 

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You can benefit from expert nutritional knowledge as well as save time and energy on preparing your food. Our healthy meal prep service is what you need. If you are looking to better your health and unlock a new you, get in touch with us today.

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