Government Guidelines For Daily Exercise

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Most of us know it is important to keep active, but there are still a huge number of people in the United Kingdom who do not get enough daily exercise. 

On the face of it, not doing too much physical exercise may not be problematic in the short term. However, if we look at the issue over the long term it is clear that the lack of exercise is having far reaching negative impacts.

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What Are The Long Term Health Trends in the UK?


The general health of the population is declining. For example, in the past 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people suffering with lifestyle-related ailments like obesity and diabetes

The problem with this trend is not just that it affects the quality of life for the people who are suffering. It also places increasing strain on public services such as health care and social care. 

If more people are using public services because of avoidable health problems relating to lack of exercise, then there are less resources available for everyone. This is one of the reasons the government is so keen to get people moving.

What Exercise Does The Government Recommend?


When it comes to exercise, the government suggests that everybody should engage in some physical activity on a regular basis. Ideally half an hour per day if you can. 

It doesn’t matter what you do, just any activity that increases your heart rate. If you’re into solo pursuits like running, cycling, or lifting weights, that’s great! Aim to do them as often as you can, while also making sure to have proper rest and recovery. These sorts of high intensity activities can be great for maintaining good cardiovascular fitness. They also help to maintain your overall conditioning too – a great thing to try and maintain, especially as we get older.

If the idea of pounding the pavement on your own does not appeal to you then there are a whole host of team activities that can be just as beneficial for your health. You may enjoy things like football, hockey or wheelchair basketball. Team sports are fantastic for getting the blood pumping, plus the social aspects are also good for your spiritual and emotional wellbeing too. With more adults reporting loneliness and mental health issues, finding an activity that also has a social element can enrich the lives of people in more ways than just the physical. 

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Where Can You Find More Information?

The government website is a great place for general advice, but many of our clients have come to us because they wanted to have an exercise plan tailored to their individual needs. If this sounds familiar then we can help you find an exercise programme that includes activities that have a good chance of improving your health. A personalised exercise plan can be a great way to set yourself up for success over the long term. We will give you exercises to suit your specific needs, and we can also give you diet advice or a meal prep plan to support your new exercise regime.

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