15 Healthy Shopping Tips

1. Never shop hungry

You’re certain to make bad choices!

2. The shorter the ingredients list, the better

Most healthy foods have only 1 ingredient, Grapes, Meat, Broccoli etc. longer lists generally means more additives such as sugar, sweeteners and preservatives.

3. Avoid foods which have sugar in the top 3 ingredients

Avoid ingredients such as sugar or sweetener in the top three ingredients. Labels list ingredients by weight and any product that has more sugar or sweetener than other ingredients should be avoided. Words which end in ‘Tose’ refers to sugary ingredients, so if this is included in the top ingredients they should be avoided.

4. Buy the water bottle & Invest in the smaller plates and bowls

Many of us have been bought up to eat until we have cleared our plates and may have also been bought up eating dinners which fill our plates. So naturally that’s what we will do, we will cook a meal which is much bigger than we need then we will eat until we have cleared our plates. This often leads to an over consumption of food and the excess energy being stored as fat (especially at our evening meal).

6. Semi-Skimmed or even skimmed milk is the best choice

The less fat from dairy the better.

7. Buy healthy breakfast cereals such as Porridge, quinoa, oatmill and Granola

These are fantastic alternatives to the unhealthy breakfast cereals which may be in your cupboards at the moment.

8. Stock Up On Eggs 

Egg whites are a fantastic source of protein and make great egg white omelettes etc. the healthiest way to cook an egg would be to boil or poach it. However the yolk is rather unhealthy as it is very fatty and can have a bad effect on your cholesterol levels. It is suggested that you should consume no more than 2 yolks per day, recent research has suggested much less.

9. Brown seeded bread

Not white!

10. Buy healthy snacks

You will enjoy and avoid the chocolate and crisps isle.

11. When buying canned fish.

Look for fish in either brine or spring water as this is the healthiest way to eat fish as it is much lower in fats than those tinned in olive oil etc,

12. Remember your proteins

Choose white meats over red, however include both. Fish and beans are also great suppliers of proteins.

13. Buy a variety of fresh salad, fruit and vegetables

This is a great way to make sure that you are consuming a variety of the necessary vitamins and minerals.

14. Squash

If you don’t like water why not buy squash (flavoured fruit juice).

15. Never skip the fresh isle

Remember to pick up all of your fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables and salad.