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  • Customise your meals
  • Packages from 5-6 days a week
  • Regular weigh-ins and measurements to keep you on track
  • Meals tailored to your goals
  • Fresh delivery every 2 days

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Making life easier

Why is meal prep beneficial to you?

Healthy eating, staying in shape and feeling great has never been so easy!

In a life that seemingly travels lightyears in a moment, keeping your diet healthy around your work, family and exercise demands can feel like a huge task. Here at Recipe for Results, we strive to make balancing these things that little bit easier and we’ve been doing it successfully for years. 

We understand that it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Whether you’re on a mission to overhaul your diet and fitness regime, or you simply want a healthier lifestyle; we know that the first step is always the hardest and sometimes it can be difficult to do it alone but with our support, you’re sure to achieve your goals. 

It can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start, especially if you’ve set yourself a big goal. With a little bit of progress however, it’s easy to begin feeling good about your journey, and we’re here to get you started on your way.

At Recipe For Results, we can help you get physically fit, with 1 to 1, Partner and Small Group Personal Training sessions, but sometimes this isn’t enough and that’s where our meal prep comes in. Did you know that it’s your diet that has the biggest impact on your shape?

the price for simplicity

Meal prep for every budget

The 9-5 No Snacks

£ 85

  • 3 meals per day 5 days per week
  • If you want results but are on a budget you can still achieve fantastic results from this package.
  • £5.67 per meal

Working 9 ‘til 5

£ 110

  • 5 meals per day 5 days per week
  • The right amount of macronutrients (protein carbs and fats) to build or maintain lean muscle and burn fat
  • Whatever your goals, this package will get you there!
  • £4.40 per meal

Fully CommittedMOST POPULAR

£ 120

  • 5 meals per day 6 days per week
  • The right amount of macro nutrients (protein carbs and fats) to build or maintain lean muscle and burn fat
  • Whatever your goals, this package will get you there!
  • £4.00 per meal

Big and Bulky

£ 140

  • Larger meals for the Bulker
  • 6 meals instead of 5
  • High protein, High Carbohydrates and all of nutrients you need to build muscle fast!
  • £4.03 per meal

Our Savings Are Passed Directly On To You

  • Sign up with a friend and have meals delivered to the same address to save up to £15 per week!
  • Commit long term to enjoy a weekly discount!
  • Commit to a minimum of 4 weeks and enjoy a discount of up to £5 per week. 
  • Commit to a minimum of 8 weeks and enjoy a discount of up to £10 per week.
Get what you need

What Should I Eat?

Over the past few years, it’s been proven that your diet is more important than your training. The only problem is, where do you start? Are you knowledgeable about what you should be eating? Can you find the time to organise, plan and prepare your meals each week?

Here at Recipe for Results we have the solution for you. Our Bespoke Nutrition service is designed to make your life simple! No more shopping, no more prepping, no more cooking, no more mess! Just delicious, healthy and balanced meals!

We make it that bit easier to get started on your healthy eating journey. We do the hard part for you so that you can concentrate on your training.

Meal Prep Essex Burger








Homemade Protein Pancakes, Greek Yogurt and Summer BerriesCoconut Overnight OatsSmoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs and Breakfast VegTasty Granola and Greek YogurtGrilled Bacon, Scrambled Eggs and Breakfast vegCocoa Overnight Oats


Delicious, Satay Chicken StripsNew Potato and Egg Salad with Fresh Lemon and Oil DressingPesto Hummus and Vegetable CruditésCurried Chicken Wings with Cucumber and CeleryTomato and Mozzarella Salad with a Balsamic DressingHarissa Chicken and Chipotle Salsa


Chicken Fajita’s in a Wholemeal WrapFresh Pesto Chicken SaladTurkish Style Chicken and Flat Bread with Mediterranean Baked VegRecipe For Results Cobb SaladHomemade Lamb BurgerCajun Chicken and Sweet Potato Salad


Apple and AlmondsBanana and Peanut ButterPear and CashewsRFR Homemade Protein BallsApple and Peanut ButterOrange and Pistachios


Beef Ragu with Wholemeal PastaTeriyaki Salmon and Stir-Fried VegetablesButter Bean and Butternut Squash CurryChilli Con Carne and Rice with Sour Cream and GuacamoleCajun Chicken, Sweet Pot Wedges and Seasonal VegetablesSausage Jambalaya and Roasted Vegetables
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Our Happy Customers

What They’re Saying About Us

1st week on the plan and loving it! I’m 5 weeks away from the London marathon and knew the only thing letting down my training was nutrition so i decided to try recipe for results, from day 1 i have noticed a change in my runs, you 100% are what you eat and I’m feeling all the positive results after just 1 week including an 8 pound weight loss!!! The food is delicious and I have not felt hungry once! The best decision I have made on my marathon journey.

Gemma Maynard-Cooney

I have only started eating your set meals on Monday and have lost 4lb today. I am so chuffed. I have thoroughly enjoyed eating your food and have not felt bored once. I look forward to seeing my next loss next week. Thank you

Beryn Jones

Came off of the food this week well happy with the results and am pretty much where I want to be, I most probably will be going back on the food at some point and would recommend to anyone

Luke Gower

I have been eating Martyn's food plan for a few weeks now and they really make me feel amazing! It fills me up and I am no longer snacking as I am full for longer. Would 100% recommend to everyone!

Phil Bird
A Whole Days Worth Of Meal Prep In Essex
Experienced Chefs

Meal Prep Essex

Imagine having your very own personal chef and dietician who came to you and asked you exactly what it was that you would like to achieve. Let’s say they asked you about your likes and dislikes and cooked your meals to suit your goal.

Can you imagine how much faster you would reach your goals?

Recipe for Results provides a variety of meal prep plans that can be tailored to your needs, ensuring that you enjoy healthy eating, making it feel less like a diet. Our meal prep plans fit your goals, lifestyle and budget – it couldn’t be easier! All your meal requirements are dealt with – even in the most basic of plans – so your old unhealthy habits can remain a distant memory.


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