If you want to be an efficient dieter then you need to consider a meal prep plan. Preparing your own meals can  be a very economical way to buy and use food. Firstly, you can safely plan out your week knowing that you won’t deviate from the plan. If something does come up during the week and you end up eating something different, you can simply freeze your prepped meals for later on.

Secondly, because meal prepping requires some planning, you will only buy what you will eat which leads to less food waste (great for your bank balance and the planet). Thirdly, because you get all of your major cooking out of the way in one session your time efficiency will go through the roof and you will also find yourself with fewer pots and pans to wash up during the week.

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Should You Prep Your Own Meals Or Use A Company

Whether you use a prescribed diet plan or you want to prep your own meals, getting organised in advance gives you the freedom to choose from healthy meals without needing to cook every night of the week.

One of the drawbacks of meal preps is that you can end up eating the same thing on rotation, which becomes very repetitive. That being said, with so many places you can go to get meal inspiration it shouldn’t be too difficult to incorporate some new meals into your repertoire. 

There are brilliant companies offering a variety of diet plans that include pre-prepared meals to help those who don’t have the time or the skills in the kitchen to meal prep for themselves. You may want to try a plan from a meal company like Recipe for Results to see how the professionals go about things.

One of the benefits of going to a company who specialises in diet pre-prepared meal plans is that your meals will all be perfectly balanced. That means you will be getting the right number of overall calories in a meal that includes key nutrients and vitamins, balanced carbohydrates and the perfect quantity of healthy protein.

What Are The Key Things To Think About When You Prep Your Own Meals


If you do have the time and the skills there are a wide variety of delicious meal ideas to choose from. In addition to finding some delicious recipes that you want to try, there are some considerations to make before you get cooking: 


Containers come in all shapes and sizes, but make sure you have enough to keep the number of meals you need throughout the week. Plastic has been a popular choice for meal preppers, but glass containers are becoming more popular because they last longer and can be recycled if they break. 


Having the time to meal prep in the first place is one of the main reasons people use a company, but if you intend to start meal prepping then make sure you get organised. There is nothing worse than buying everything with good intentions, only to dine on takeaways and meals out all week. Poor organisation is bad for diets and can be bad for the bank balance too. 


Make sure your meals are balanced and that your portion sizes are not so big that you end up eating way over your calorie target. There are online guides for counting calories and it is highly recommended to keep a food diary to track what you are eating everyday. That way you can refer back to it to see how well you have been doing on your diet plan.

Meal Planning & Meal Prepping Can Be Great For Dieters

Meal planning, in general, can be a helpful tool for dieters. Prepping is the perfect way to ensure that healthy food is on the table and removes many of the barriers that prevent people from making healthy food choices every day.

Whether you make your own meals or use the services of a professional dietitian to help you prep your meals, there are so many benefits to meal prepping. The main one being you are more likely to stick to your diet in the first place.

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