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Below we have a variety of tesimonials from different clients. You can see here that at Recipe For Results we have a wide age range between our clients and that the feedback is always good! You’re never to young nor old, small nor large, we can always help you work towards your fitness goals!

Nichola Recipe For Results Testimonials

Nichola Underwood

Client for 3 years

After achieving my weight loss goals I was still unhappy with my body shape and my body fat %, I decided that I would need help to change these and after reading through the website, finding it very informative, I contacted Recipe for Results. Sessions have been tailored around my specific goals and have shown me different exercises I can incorporate into my own training to help change my shape. Martyn explained how my nutrition had a massive impact on my fat% and after going through my diet and changing small things my % has started to decrease. Personal training has far exceeded my expectations; they are fun, interesting and encouraging and push me far beyond what I thought my limits are. I would definitely recommend Recipe for Results to anyone no matter the size of their goals*.
Neil Recipe For Results Testimonials

Neil Gregory

Client for 16 months

Martyn keeps sessions interesting by teaching you different exercises each week and really pushing you forward so you can achieve your goals. I found that Martyn teaching me around healthy lifestyles, creating me a diet plan and giving me different routines each week that I can do on my own has really helped me change my lifestyle and achieve my goals. I feel healthier and more energetic throughout the day now I know what to eat and what your body needs. Martyn trains you intensely and has really shown me how to get the most out of the gym whilst I’m there. He gave me realistic goals that I achieved each month, together with monitoring my body shape and weight so that I understand where progress was being made. The training sessions grew in intensity I got healthier and he has continued to challenge me in each training session we have had*.
Chloe A Client Of Recipe For Results

Chloe Newman

Client for 1 year

Matt is a great personal trainer who certainly pushes you to your limit!!
I started going to the gym at the begging of the year to try and achieve a beach body for the summer but after a month or so I lost motivation and decided to find myself a personal trainer. I then found Matt who was very friendly and approachable. Matt is a great personal trainer who certainly pushes you to your limit!! He changed my workout sessions so it wasn’t boring or repetitive and I learned new workouts that I felt confident to use by myself! I definitely didn’t expect to see the results I did and I now live a more healthy lifestyle and over the moon I achieved my weight loss*.
Lynee A Client From Recipe For Results

Lynne Keeling

Client for 18 months

I started coming to the gym as I had recently had a hip replacement and I was very overweight and unfit. I had been doing a gentle, boring routine for a while and lost some weight but needed motivation to increase my fitness. In January I started personal training sessions with Martyn – he manages to “persuade” me that I can do more and more with every session yet he also takes into account my age and arthritic issues. He always motivates me to try harder and to try different equipment that I would never have thought about using. He is always very encouraging and professional yet friendly. I can really feel a difference in simple things like going up a flight of stairs, walking, or playing with my grandchildren, I no longer get out of breath after a couple of minutes. And when my friends all comment on how much better I look it is a good feeling. This is mainly down to Martyn’s training sessions and nutrition advice. Martyn has taken on an arthritic 62 year old and with patience and perseverance is changing my life for the better. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to shape up and change their life for the better*.
Tom A Recipe For Results Client

Tom Rayns

Client for 14 months

He is a well driven character and I recommend him as a personal trainer to anybody who has their own goals to achieve.
I’ve known Matt for a few years now and have trained with him in the past. Last year I injured my back and had to have physio for quite some time, as I started to heal I contacted Matt for some personal training sessions, explaining my injury and my goals. He has helped me since to build the strength that I lost and gain more muscle, keeping my injury in mind. Matt taught me that my goals are achievable even after injury and he has been a big step forward in my recovery. It is now time to set new goals and I am hopeful that I will achieve them with Matt giving me that extra push that I need. He is a well driven character and I recommend him as a personal trainer to anybody who has their own goals to achieve*.
Recipe For Results Client Phil


Client for 4 years

I first met Martyn 4 years ago at his boxercise class during which I decided that I would take him up on his offer of a free taster session. Since I have trained with Martyn whenever I have felt that I needed extra motivation. In this time we’ve trained in my front room, my garden, local parks and one session I particularly remember was in a local woodland in which he had me carrying logs while running and using the environment as a gym. It’s fair to say that Martyn keeps sessions interesting and fun by making every session unique. I always see fast results from our training and am always impressed with the frequently new training styles. He is always finding new ways to help me achieve results and I recently took him up on his new service Bespoke Nutrition – R4R now delivers freshly cooked meals designed with your goals in mind. Since I started buying the Bespoke Nutrition meal plan I have lost 12lb in 3 weeks, Now that’s fast results! I haven’t been exercising over the past few months as business has kept me far too busy however if I start training again I can only imagine how much faster I will see results*!

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