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  • 1 on 1 Sessions for that personal touch
  • Team Up With A Friend or Family Member For Partner Sessions
  • Get a group together and benefit from our group sessions
  • Nutrition plans and routines to follow
  • Regular contact and motivation as standard
  • Cover areas all over Essex

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    The tools for life long success

    How our personal training services can help you

    Our Personal Training service is totally unique. We eliminate the ability to make excuses and leave you with the tools you need to take charge of your results. These include everything from workout plans for exercise between sessions to recipes, nutrition plans, guidance and regular support to keep you on track; all of which come as standard.

    With years of combined experience in the fitness industry, we’ve been lucky enough to work with a variety of clients. Every client that we help, brings with them a very personal story. What they wanted to achieve, why they wanted to achieve it and the struggles and challenges that they struggled to overcome – before they found us.

    We understand the struggle of staying motivated because you aren’t seeing the results that you’ve worked so hard for in the gym – and the kitchen! 

    online personal training
    We recognise there are  numerous reasons why you’ve found it difficult to achieve your goals in the past;

    • Lack of knowledge surrounding exercises & training styles that would benefit you the most.
    • Looking for the answers online and finding that you’re left with more questions than answers.
    • Lack of time to commit to exercise.
    • Lack of motivation to stay committed to your goals.
    • Lack of clear concise advice when you move onto the next stage of your journey.

    Whatever your struggle, our services offer the solution to so many of your health and fitness struggles. We’re as passionate about helping you achieve your goals as you are. Let us join your journey and help to push you towards them!

    We will teach you the lifestyle lessons that we have already put in to practice over the years, to help so many other people achieve amazing results!

    Benefits of exercise:

    • Increased Metabolism (burn more calories)
    • Increased Energy, Mood And Mental Health
    • Improved Strength, Fitness, Movement And Muscle Tone
    • Improved Physical Health
    • Improved Productivity & Focus
    • Improved Brain Function
    • Improve Appearance & Overall Wellbeing

    Benefits of our mobile personal training:

    • Goal Setting, Measurements And Regular Check Ins To Track Your Progress
    • Fun And Functional Equipment On Your Doorstep
    • Varied And Purpose-Built Workouts To Keep Sessions Exciting 
    • Eliminate Travel Time
    • Expert Advice
    • Training Plans To Follow Between Sessions
    • Nutrition Plans, Recipes And Nutritional Guidance
    • Regular Support To Keep You On Track

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      Personal Training Essex
      The attention you need

      1:1 Personal Training

      With Recipe for Results, we offer our personal training services to a wide variety of locations. We even do personal training in Essex, With our one to one personal training, you will receive a tailored service based around your current fitness ability and personal aspirations. Exercise programs will be bespoke to your training needs. Nutritional advice will be designed to fit your dietary requirements. With personal training in Essex, Recipe for Results personal trainers will set your goals to keep you focused and measure your success as they take you through your personal training journey.

      We’re now offering our Personal Training across most areas of Essex, delivering our Personal Training sessions at people’s homes, in their gardens and at local parks. With our 1 to 1 Personal Training, we will deliver fun, effective and tailored training sessions based on your current fitness ability and your personal aspirations. The exercise programmes and nutritional advice is personal to you so that we can help you achieve your goals faster.

      Our Personal Trainers will find out about you, what you’d like to achieve, what you’ve tried in the past, what you enjoy and where you need to improve. We measure your starting point, set goals and regularly measure your success along your Personal Training journey.

      We believe that training should be fun and effective in delivery, so in order to catch your imagination and keep you enthused, we use many different unconventional training tools. Such training tools include Bulgarian Power Bags, Battle Ropes, Sledgehammers, Gymnastic Rings and TRX. Book into the most suitable Personal Training package which is available to you in Essex and achieves the results you deserve today!

      If you have any questions then please, contact us!

      the get fit price

      Our Personal Training prices

      Single Sessions

      £ 60

      One Off
      • 1 Personal Training session

      • Free New You guide (nutrition and weight management booklet) *

      • Training programmes (for home and gym use ) *

      • Regular contact and support to keep you on track *

      * As long as sessions are repeated

      Set For Success

      £ 200

      Per Month
      • 1 Personal Training Session per week
      • Priced at £50 per session*
      • Free New You guide (nutrition and weight management booklet)
      • Training Programmes (for home and gym use)
      • Regular contact and support to keep you on track
      *4 PT sessions in 1 calendar month


      £ 380

      Per Month
      • 2 Personal Training Sessions Per Week
      • Priced at £47.50 per session*
      • Free New You guide (nutrition and weight management booklet)
      • Training programmes (for home and gym use)
      • Regular contact and support to keep you on track
      *8 PT sessions per calendar month

      Fast Track

      £ 540

      Per Month
      • 3 Personal Training Sessions Per Week
      • Priced at £45 per session*
      • Free New You guide (nutrition and weight management booklet)
      • Training programmes (for home and gym use)
      • Regular contact and support to keep you on track
      *12 PT sessions per calendar month
      get fit together

      Partner Personal Training

      Do you prefer to train with a friend? Maybe you find yourself running with your gym buddy at the weekend, but perhaps you’re not getting the results you want? With Partner Personal Training being delivered across Essex why not continue your training together and share the cost of receiving expert help.

      Our personal trainers will write you training programmes which will allow you both to get involved in a fun and effective method of getting fit. Our personal trainers will also offer their expert advice on nutrition so that together, you can change your eating habits, achieve amazing results – whatever your fitness goals!

      Some of the tools used to keep your sessions fun and keep you both working hard towards your goals are; Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Kick shields and Resistance Bands. Our partner Personal Training packages are available to you across Essex, so check them out and book in your consultation today.

      Personal Trainer Essex
      Our Happy Customers

      What They’re Saying About Us

      I started Personal Training with Recipe For Results recently with a very specific goal in mind, but I had no idea how to achieve it or if it was even possible. When I met Martyn he was very knowledgeable and encouraging.

      Fauzia Godwin

      I started Personal Training with Martyn as I had recently had a hip replacement and I was very overweight and unfit. I had been doing a gentle, boring routine for a while and lost some weight but needed motivation to increase my fitness.

      Lynne Keeling

      Martyn keeps the Personal Training sessions interesting by teaching you different exercises each week and really pushing you forward so you can achieve your goals.

      Neil Gregory

      Started training with Martyn before my wedding and the benefits I saw in only a couple of months was enough to keep me going! Felt great on my hen do and wedding day too! Thanks! #SweatingForTheWedding

      Crystal Coates
      team effort

      Group Personal Training

      Our Group Personal Training sessions allow you to benefit from Personal Training in much the same was as Partner PT however you can share the cost even further. When you sign up, our Personal trainers will dedicate themselves to ensuring that you have all the tools required to achieve great results. Together you can enjoy a premium service at a reduced cost.

      Our Group Personal Training sessions are delivered at your home, in your garden or at a local park across Essex. We utilise Circuit Training methods, using your own body weight, Battle Ropes, Medicine Balls, Boxing and many other pieces of equipment to keep sessions enjoyable and effective. Check out our Personal Training packages and see which is right for you to help you to achieve the results you deserve today!


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