Becoming vegetarian is good for your carbon footprint, your gut health and for maintaining a healthier lifestyle with a greater focus on a balanced diet. That is not to say that meat eaters can’t eat well, too. It is simply that, in the West, we tend to eat more meat – especially processed meat – than is truly good for us. 

And yet, flipping a switch and becoming vegetarian overnight is not something most people can do. Consequently, transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle will often mean cutting down on meat first and foremost. Read on to discover Recipe for Results’ meal preparation ideas that will help you on this journey.

veggie burger

Reward Yourself With a Meat-Free Burger

One of the things that tends to put people off adopting a full vegetarian lifestyle is that many of their reward moments with food are associated with meat. It might be extra pepperoni on your pizza or a juicy steak that gives you this sense of accomplishment for a good workout or a busy week at work. Gourmet burgers also fall into this category in many people’s eyes.

However, there are some great meat-free burgers these days. To make your burger special, opt for a brioche bun and home made mayonnaise. Of course, you can dress your burger however you like but some heart of Romaine lettuce will always go down well because it is much more nutritious than other varieties. Add a thin slice of cheddar cheese and some meat-free bacon if you are feeling specially indulgent.

Enjoy a Protein-Rich Lunch With a BBQ Tofu Salad

Tofu is a coagulated soy milk that many people associate with Asian cuisine. It has the right sort of texture to satisfy even the most devout carnivores and, what’s more, it doesn’t always need to be cooked in stir fries. Instead, marinade torn up pieces of tofu in a BBQ sauce made from olive oil, paprika, cumin, chilli flakes, garlic, salt and pepper.

Alternatively, pour some ready made barbecue sauce over your tofu. Either way, bake it in the oven for about 15 minutes rather than frying it. Serve it with a bean salad and take it to work with you. This dish is protein packed and will boost your energy levels no end in an entirely healthy way.

Impress Friends With a Chestnut and Cheese Dinner Party Centrepiece

Some people like to cook for friends with meat at the heart of their cuisine. However, instead of that old dinner party favourite beef Wellington or salmon en croute, why not stuff your pastry parcel with something different and show them that a vegetarian alternative is just as impressive?

Blue cheese and chestnuts are a winning combination when roasted together with some fresh baby leaf spinach. Shropshire blue, Saint Augur or Stilton work well with chestnut purée and you can buy puff pastry ready made these days so your dinner party need not require hours of preparation either!

cheese platter

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