5 Best Sources Of Protein

High Protein Diets

High protein diets are fast becoming one of the most popular choices out there as more and more people realise the importance of this particular food group. From bodybuilders to fitness fanatics and simply those in search of fat loss, protein offers a number of benefits.


Importance Of Protein 

Protein is an incredibly important part of every cell in our bodies. In fact, there are a number of areas of our bodies which are made up of almost entirely protein, from our hair to our nails. The body uses protein to repair and build muscle tissues as well as make enzymes, hormones and even body chemicals. In fact, protein could easily be described as the building blocks of muscle, bone, cartilage and even skin and blood.

Protein Sources

With such importance resting on protein, is it any wonder so many diets are based so heavily upon this food group? With that in mind, we’ve created a list of the top five protein sources. So whether you’re looking to begin your own meal prep for bulking and want the necessary protein injection or simply want to create a more protein based meal prep, here are the foods you need to be looking at.

Protein – The Ultimate Sources Of Protein


Chicken – chicken is an ideal choice for protein as not only is it high in protein but it’s low in fat also. Chicken can be grilled, baked and still maintain a low fat content making it ideal for those on a restricted diet. For the leanest options, stick to chicken breast.

Beef – beef is an incredible source of protein. The only consideration with beef is that it’s commonly associated with higher levels of fat. It’s therefore highly advised that you stick to the leanest cuts of beef in order to minimise your intake of those pesky saturated fats. Other than that however, if you’re looking for a protein boost, beef is a fantastic choice.

Soy – did you know soy protein has the power to help reduce heart disease? Soy’s popularity has grown too which means it can now be found in a multitude of foods and drinks from nuts to meat substitutes and even milk replacements.

Fish – seafood is an incredible source of protein. Seafood is also high in unsaturated fats which makes it incredibly healthy for your heart. From fish to shellfish, not only will you be adding some variety into your diet but you can guarantee it packs a protein punch too.

Other Non-Meat Sources – you don’t always need to run toward the meat and animal products in order to grab some much needed protein. Think milk, cheese, eggs and even nuts – however, do bear in mind that all of the listed options can offer high levels of fat too. It’s worth looking at lower fat options in order to avoid unnecessary calories.

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