Budget Friendly Meal Tips

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Meal prep is used by many to not only help them reach their health and nutrition goals but also to relieve them of the pressures of midweek cooking. Forget the temptations of takeout when you already have an amazing meal prepped and ready to eat for every meal time during the week. 

For many however, the cost of meal prep can often be an obstacle. Thankfully, here at Recipe For Results, we have some super budget friendly meal prep tips to help you meet your nutrition goals without breaking the bank.


Make Use Of What’s Already In Your Cupboards

We’re not telling you to pack all the chocolate digestives you have in your cupboard but instead be a little inventive with what you already have in your freezers and pantries. From pasta to grains, beans to frozen chicken pieces; use it all. Even last week’s vegetables and fruits can be used to make smoothies and soups. This will make a big dent in your stash without spending a penny.

Make A Shopping List

Make a list of the things you need and buy only those things. By choosing your recipes and meals in advance, you can pick the ingredients you’ll need including the amount you’ll need to buy and then simply purchase those things and no more.  


Check Out The Sale Shelves

There are always things you can make use of on the sale shelves. From packets of rice and pasta to sauces which will be going out of date imminently. You’ll even find a selection of vegetables and fruits that are about to go out of date, perfect for creating your meal prep with that day or even in days time. Be prepared to be flexible and swap recipes for others that may suit your sale shelf finds.

Make Use Of Frozen Foods

Buying frozen foods doesn’t mean you’re buying foods that are less fresh. From frozen fruits ideal for smoothies and fruit bowls to frozen vegetables which work great in stir fries and soups, there are so many ways to get your macros in without breaking the bank.

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Consider Buying In Bulk

When you buy in bulk from larger superstores, you can often save a few pounds. Check out wholesalers for some great bulk-buy discounts. You can also take advantage of shops that supply their stock in pay-by-weight bulk bins so you can buy the exact amount you need.

Meat is a costly item but you can save a few pounds by choosing whole chickens and other bigger cuts of meat. Buying a whole chicken is far less expensive than buying chicken breasts. Likewise with stew meat, simply buy a shoulder of beef or pork and cut it yourself.

Try Meat-Free Meals

By trying a few meat free days, you’ll not only save a huge amount by not eating meat but you may even discover some amazing new dishes that you’d never have tried before.

secret that quality cuts of meat are expensive. Opting for a meat free diet altogether could save a lot of money. Couple this with a professional meal prep plan and you’ll find the money you once spent on snacks and drinks is also still there in your bank account at the end of the month. Vegetarian diets save money as does meal prep. Therefore vegetarian meal prep is going to be the most cost-effective solution.

Have Recipe For Results Do It For You

By using our meal prep services you not only get to take advantage of the prices we get through bulk buying but you never need to pay for more than you’ll ever use. You’ll pay for exactly what’s used in each meal and never find yourself with excess ingredients building up that you’ll struggle to use. Meal prep services such as ours are surprisingly cost-effective. For more information, call 01277 636 042.

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