Getting started on your dream summer body may seem overwhelming, and it’s tempting to gravitate towards those insane crash diets that promise you will lose 20kilos in 2 weeks. But with a sustainable approach, your goals are achievable and will mean you have the beach body of your dreams all year round. It may seem like simple advice – eating better and getting more movement – but we know it’s much more complicated in practice than in theory, and most people leave getting started until too late. So instead, we advise a year-round sustainable approach to health and fitness laid out below and advise clients to steer away from unhealthy “last-minute fixes”.

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Make a Personal Plan

This plan needs to be realistic with the long-term view to a healthier and fitter you. Managing your expectations of what is achievable is also essential. Consider what you can do each day from now to get closer to your goal while always aiming for sustainable and long-term solutions – this is the essential key to success.

Watch What You Eat & Drink

The most crucial element in weight loss for your summer body is eating properly and staying hydrated as there is no exercise that can make up for a substandard diet. A great way to immerse yourself in this new routine is to start your day strong with a nourishing breakfast. This morning meal will kick-start your metabolism and get it firing for the day, which will help reinforce your nutritionally-focused eating commitment.

Get Enough Veg

Be sure to get enough veggies in your diet too. Veg is jam-packed with the good stuff your body needs. Plus, many varieties will keep you feeling satiated without bloat while adding fibre to your diet to ensure your digestive system works as it should. Consume a mixture of at least five a day, sparingly on more carb-heavy veg such as sweet potato, while primarily eating the rainbow spectrum of coloured veg.

Protein and Carbs

Adding protein to mealtime will fill you up (just like veg). Aim for lean varieties as they don’t contain unnecessary fat. Great sources for regular consumption include fish, chicken, and plant protein varieties. It’s also essential to manage your carbs, limiting them to early in the day.

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Cut Unhealthy Foods

Another essential element is to cut out refined sugar, unhealthy foods like takeaway, and alcohol as much as possible, as it will work against your goals. For example, regular alcohol or sweets consumption delivers excess calories with no nutritional value. Regularly eating takeaway will also take you further from your fitness aims, as the options are often deep-fried or full of sugar and carbs. But it’s also not sustainable to ban foods, as that will only increase the cravings, so the aim is to minimise rather than eliminate. 

Get Your Move On

The second component of getting your summer body sorted is regular exercise sessions. Scheduling these into your diary regularly will make the difference in getting them done. We advise something to burn calories and aim for 3-4 sessions per week at set times if you can. For your sessions, we would recommend resistance training. Weight training is a game-changer for anyone who wants that dream summer body. And no, it doesn’t always mean trips to the gym to “do weights”. In fact, bodyweight exercises that utilise large muscle groups like squats, lunges and push-ups can easily have the same effect. Having the help of a trainer or professional will accelerate your results, but it’s by no means the only option. Perhaps a friend can help keep you motivated, or group classes are another great option to try. 

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Move Everyday

More activity will always help the process along, even if you are committed to your 3 to 4 sessions a week. For example, everyday movement such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, taking a 10-minute stroll during your lunch break or doing 10 minutes of vigorous housework will add up over a week. If you did each from Monday to Friday, it would add to just over 2 hours of extra activity per week. While not massively strenuous, every little bit helps.

Get Enough Sleep

Your body and mind must have time to recover after the stress and strain of everyday life and the additional exercise and health changing habits you are putting it through. That’s where healthy and rejuvenating sleep is vital. If not, your physical and mental health will be less efficient, and you can get sick if there is insufficient recovery time. If you’re having trouble sleeping, consider your nighttime routine – are you using your phone until late, eating heavy food close to bedtime, or having caffeine and sugar late in the day? Anything you can change to get a good night’s rest will make the difference in reaching your goals. 

Reduce Daily Stress

Stress on your body and mind is a health hazard in so many ways, both in the short and long term. Even low-level stress prevents the body from performing at a decent level. It will often have you reaching for those fitness sabotaging stress-related habits such as comfort eating or feeling too tired to exercise, so finding ways to reduce stress is vital. Perhaps you need to learn to say no to people more to make life calmer or use a mindfulness app to learn deep breathing and meditation. Maybe you’re more of a bubble bath or time out and about with friends. Whatever helps you unwind and destress is worth scheduling and sticking to each week for that ever-important “me time”. 

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Whether you’re just starting on your well-being journey or just need a little extra help to reach your goals for summer and beyond, our Expert and Friendly team at Recipe For Results can help you get there. We offer dietary support, in-person coaching, full-service food preparation and delivery assistance to support your fitness journey in and around Essex. 

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