When it comes to bodybuilding meal prep, the basic idea is that you can eat most of the foods you want, so long as you don’t go over your allotted calories and ensure you’re getting the right portions of your three macros.

Meal prep is hugely beneficial for anyone looking to achieve certain body goals for the simple fact it helps to keep people on track and heading toward their goals. It also stops them making poor food choices on the go.

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Tips For Meal Prepping Yourself

Meal prep however isn’t easy and requires a certain level of preparation – hence the title. Here are a few tips for those looking to do this themselves.

Get The Tools

There are some great apps out there that will allow you to track your food and help you make the right selections. One example is MyFitnessPal but there are hundreds available in the app store. You should also grab a kitchen scale to help weigh your food when prepping and plenty of Tupperware.

Plan Your Purchases

Make plans ahead of time, write your lists of the foods you need to purchase and then grab it all in one go where possible. Obviously, it may not be possible to grab fresh vegetables that last a week or two so these will need to be purchased sporadically.

Prep The Basic Food

Prep foods that can be combined in different ways such as rice, eggs, potatoes and pasta. Prep these foods first before looking at your meats, fish and other foods.

Assemble Your Meals

Now all your foods are cooked, it’s time to put them together. Make sure there’s room in your fridge for all of the meal prep containers you’ll be placing in and be sure to combine your foods differently to ensure you have a little variety throughout the week.

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Bodybuilding Meal Prep Ideas

No one’s meal plan will look the same as we’ll all have different requirements but here are three different recipes that we can all utilise and all make our own.


Overnight Oats – make overnight oats with cashew butter, ground flaxseed and nut milk. Simply whip it all together and pop it in the fridge. By morning, it’ll be ready to eat straight from the fridge or warm up in the microwave.


Salmon On The Go – combine a tin of canned salmon, with avocado, greek yogurt and some avocado mayo for an instant, no-bake meal on the go. Easy to throw together. Throw in some spinach for even more punch.


Tossed Salad or Burrito – Toss together a salad with quinoa, avocado, chicken or tofu for a quick tossed salad or throw all the ingredients into a wrap for a super tasty burrito.

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