How To Meal Prep When You Work Full Time

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Meal prep isn’t just beneficial for your body it can also help your wallet a great deal too. Add to that the fact that it can save invaluable time and it’s no wonder that those working full time want in on the action. Meal prepping, when you spend that amount of time working however, can be difficult for some. Thankfully by sticking to a few guidelines, you can make it a whole lot easier on yourself. Check out our guide below to help you meal prep when you work full time.

A Whole Days Worth Of Meal Prep In Essex

Making Meal Prep Work For You

Plan Ahead

When working full time, your time restraints require you to be organised and plan well ahead. Meal prep is all about convenience. Ensuring you have your meals planned well in advance to keep you on track is essential so plan ahead and then plan some more.

Whether you spend a couple of hours every Saturday or Sunday planning your meals for the week ahead or even break it down to just a few days at a time, planning ahead will ensure you stay on track and give yourself more than enough time to actually create the meals.

Create A List Of Go-To Meals

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how organised you are, life can easily get in the way. Whether it’s an unexpected event, a sudden urgent meeting or you simply forget, having something quick to hand is always going to be of benefit. A great way to do this is to create your list of go-to meals that are quick and easy. That way, no matter what life throws at you, you’ll keep yourself on track.

Incorporate Meals That Will Last

When planning your meals for the week ahead, make sure you include meals that will last you at least two or three days. That way you’ll still enjoy the food when it comes time to eat it.

Think of foods like rice, chicken, sweet potato. Even if you want foods that won’t necessarily last, simply incorporate them at the very start of the week to ensure you eat them when they’re at their most fresh.

Consider Your Weekly Schedule

It always pays to consider your schedule each week. Make sure you’re eating the nutrition you need, when you need it. Maybe you hit the gym on Monday mornings but head there later on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Consider when you’ll need to eat a carb heavy meal and when you’ll need that post-workout meal/snack.

Get Someone Else To Do It For You

It may sound complicated but that’s because of the simple fact that it is. Meal prep isn’t easy and it isn’t for the faint hearted. If you’d like to enjoy professional meal prep that gives you everything you need without the stress and hassle of having to do it all yourself, simply check out our Meal Prep service here at Recipe for Results. You can customise your menus and enjoy quality meals six days a week, focused on your specific goals. It’s easy, efficient and helps you stay on track.


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