The Importance Of A Strong Mindset

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How Your Mindset Affects Your Goals

Having the right mind-set is the foundation to any level of success in any endeavor. Create the right Mind-set and Success is sure to follow. It is essential to understand the importance of having the right mind-set which is what I would like to cover in this blog.

Attaining the body that you desire can take effort, time and commitment. It can be a very long and bumpy road with a lot of speed bumps to slow you down or make you want to quit. The journey can be a long one and it’s important to have complete commitment to your goals.

Commitment alone is a very important attribute that is worth discussing in detail. Many of us want to be healthy and fit but fail to commit ourselves. We tell ourselves regularly that we will ‘try’ to achieve results or that we will simply ‘give it a go’. Well as I have heard it put so eloquently, statements like this sound about as committed as a kamikaze pilot on his 39th mission.

Measuring Your Goals And Tracking Your Process

Rather than ‘maybe trying to perhaps make some effort to maybe get some results’ as many people do, I want you to first set a very Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time measured (SMART) goal and set specific process goals to achieve it. Every day I want you to read your goal and tell yourself that you will achieve the goal that you set, that you will focus every day until you achieve.

You must learn to recognise that if you fall off one day you will simply get back up to carry on and that you will never quit!

Remember: Failure isn’t real until you quit, you’ve just need to change your approach until you get the results you are after.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

You must learn to see inconveniences as simple setbacks as opposed to seeing them as major failures. Often we give up on our goals based on a simple speed bump in the road.

You must learn to see these as challenges and learn to enjoy overcoming them. Human beings use failure as a learning tool from birth. It’s merely society which teaches you to stop learning and growing from these small failures and avoid trying for fear of repeating them.
If we let failure hold us back we wouldn’t learn to walk, ride a bike or kick a football. It’s falling over and getting back up that teaches us the biggest lessons. Remember that next time you hit a setback.

As humans we are happiest when we are in a growth mind-set, when we are learning, improving and growing we are more motivated, focused and positive. For this reason, it helps you stay motivated if you track your progression in life such as how much you can squat or how long it takes you to run 3Km as well as how much weight you have lost or how much muscle you have gained. Measure these things on a regular basis and watch as your body get stronger, quicker and leaner. As you see constant results watch your momentum build.

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