We have all become more accustomed to doing things online. The pandemic had a really pronounced impact on the fitness industry and gyms across the country were shut down overnight. Fitness classes could not go ahead, swimming pools were closed and people had to find new ways to train with all the social distancing measures that were introduced to stop the spread of infection.

Reports have shown that large numbers of people slipped into unhealthy habits during the pandemic. More people stayed home and food delivery services thrived. Alcohol consumption also went up considerably across the country. 

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The Home Workout Phenomenon

The fitness world did it’s very best to promote exercise for people at home. Perhaps most notable in the United Kingdom was Joe Wicks.

The fitness coach rose to prominence helping people with his high intensity workouts and healthy eating ideas and many people found out how beneficial it can be to have someone to guide their workouts. However, HIIT classes are not for everyone, and this is where a personal trainer can be really beneficial if you want a tailored plan to meet specific fitness goals.

Avoid Gyms

Online personal training is a great way to help people who don’t want to, or cannot get to a gym. If you are too self-conscious, don’t have one nearby or just struggle to find the time, one of the best things about online personal training is the convenience factor. Online personal training can be done from home in your own time. There will be no more trying to juggle work and family commitments, no more journeys to get to and from the gym and no more gym membership fees to pay either.

You will also be safer if you are worried about contracting coronavirus in an enclosed environment. It also means that you can carry on with your fitness plan if you have recently tested positive, because you’re working out at home.

Get a Fantastic Personal Trainer Service

Though you can’t actually see your personal trainer face-to-face, their advice and online support is a great way to motivate yourself as you try to achieve your weight loss goals. Getting a personal plan and someone to work with you to motivate yourself can be one of the most rewarding things about an online personal trainer. You will have far less to procrastinate about and you can go from pyjamas to workout ready in no time at all.

Online personal training also allows you to keep a record of your progress. Your trainer can monitor any changes and tweaks that may need to be made to your plan. Your sessions are a great opportunity to discuss your progress and this regular contact with your trainer will increase your chances of success with everything from weight loss to sports performance.

No Interruptions

We are living in uncertain times and the ongoing covid situation threatens to close gyms and interrupt people’s fitness plans. As we have outlined, online personal training can provide several significant benefits, such as help in reaching your specific goals through the use of custom plans and support.

Here at Recipe for Results, our online personal training is available all year round and can be done whether gyms are open or not. We have plans that can be done with some basic pieces of kit so get in touch to find out more about our online services.

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You can benefit from expert nutritional knowledge as well as save time and energy on preparing your food. Our healthy meal prep service is what you need. If you are looking to better your health and unlock a new you, get in touch with us today.

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I started Personal Training with Recipe For Results recently with a very specific goal in mind, but I had no idea how to achieve it or if it was even possible. When I met Martyn he was very knowledgeable and encouraging.

Fauzia Godwin

I started Personal Training with Martyn as I had recently had a hip replacement and I was very overweight and unfit. I had been doing a gentle, boring routine for a while and lost some weight but needed motivation to increase my fitness.

Lynne Keeling

Martyn keeps the Personal Training sessions interesting by teaching you different exercises each week and really pushing you forward so you can achieve your goals.

Neil Gregory

Started training with Martyn before my wedding and the benefits I saw in only a couple of months was enough to keep me going! Felt great on my hen do and wedding day too! Thanks! #SweatingForTheWedding

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