The Importance Of Training Legs

Trying to build muscle mass? Perhaps you want bigger arms or a bigger chest? Or maybe you are trying to burn body fat from your stomach? So does this mean you should just train your upper body? Here’s why it is so important to train your legs no matter what your goals may be!

Training Legs To Build Muscle:

1. Training big muscle groups like legs releases huge amounts of Testosterone and Muscle Growth Hormone which are vital hormones responsible for building muscle mass.

2. Training legs keeps your body in proportion. There is nothing that would look more ridiculous than a huge upper body and tiny legs.

3. Having a strong upper body and week legs means that you will be functionally weaker in any standing or unstable movement.

Training Legs To Burn Fat:

1. The more muscle mass recruited during an exercise the more demand on your heart and lungs. This also increases demand on your energy systems. In turn this burns a lot more body fat than smaller muscle groups or less muscle mass.

2. The stronger the muscle fibres in your body or the more muscle mass you have the higher your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate-Rate of calorie burning). So strengthen your legs and you will burn more calories per day.