It is being reported that more of us are turning to things like takeaways and ready meals than ever before. In many cases a food delivery is a bit of a treat; however it is a bit worrying that people are consuming more takeaways and highly processed foods more frequently too.

Convenience is key and it is super easy to order through your phone. It is a little bit more difficult to buy something from the supermarket to slam in the microwave, but still a really tempting prospect if you have not got dinner organised. It seems the hardest thing to do sometimes is cook because all that chopping, cooking and dealing with dishes can be time consuming. However the health benefits of home-cooked meals, using fresh ingredients are well known. More of us should make sure we opt for healthier meals, but this does not have mean cooking every night.


Why Prepare Home-Cooked Meals?

Meal prepping can help tackle the tempting takeaways! Taking inspiration from the shop-bought ready meals, meal preps are just pre-prepared meals that can be cooked quickly in the oven or a microwave. The difference is that they are made ahead of time in your own kitchen, using fresh produce.

If done correctly, preparing meals ahead of time can be incredibly efficient. By planning meals before heading for the supermarket you only end up buying what you need. You are also getting a lot of the work done in one session, meaning you condense your time spent in the kitchen and increase the meal output for that time too. The final thing to mention is that prepping leads to less food waste. This is a really important topic and anything that we can do to reduce the amount of food we waste will be good for the planet (as well as your pocket).

Make Cooking Easier With Basic Kitchenware

Some people love cooking. Others don’t have the time or the skill. That being said, cooking is something we should all be engaged in to lead healthier lives and make better food choices. There are some things that just make life more simple in the kitchen. We’ve got a little essentials list here for those who are looking to make meal prepping more efficient.

Food processor

This is an item that every prepper should have. Food processors weren’t all created equal, but even a basic one can be great for finely chopping vegetables in rapid time, or blending soups and smoothies. Save time and reduce the risk of chopping a finger off – win win.

Big Pans

There are so many meal preps that need a good saucepan. If you are stood at the hob it is really easy to keep an eye on more than one pan. By having more than one big pan available you can have multiple meals cooking at the same time. The only thing you are limited by is the number of rings on your hob.


It is important to have enough stirring implements to hand. Wood is arguably better than plastic or metal utensils, but there are so many materials to choose from. The main thing to remember is not to leave them in the pan when things are cooking.


A garlic crusher will change the game – it’s easy to crack a bulb and avoid getting the smell on your hands for hours after. Tin openers are also pretty handy to have around just in case the cans do not have ring pull. A cheese grater will come in handy for more than just cheese – grated vegetables can be great in salads. A good masher is essential, and remember a strainer too. There will always be a time to strain things like boiled vegetables or pasta, although a pasta server is definitely on the non-essential list.

Meal Prep Essex Chopped Vegetables On A Cutting Board

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