Top 3 Tips To Training Legs

1. Training Larger Muscles Requires More Calories

Training larger muscle groups or more muscle fibres has a much greater affect on the body. They take more calories to feed, they release more fat burning muscle building testosterone and the larger the muscle group the longer lasting the affects.

2. The Importance Of A Proportional Figure

There’s nothing that looks more silly than a huge upper body with tiny legs. There’s also no benefit to benching 100kg if you can barely squat 50kg. You wouldn’t build the Empire State Building on the same foundations of which you would build a house, so don’t expect that you can build a huge upper body and not train your legs. Studies have shown that having strong legs as a strong foundation has helped increase the strength of other compound lifts such as bench press.

3. How Muscle Growth Works

When you train with weights you break down the muscle fibres. This process burns energy (calories) during the exercise and after you finish it takes calories to repair the muscle which is a process which could last up to 3 or 4 days. When your muscles grow back they repair stronger which leads to a higher metabolism and an increased day to day calorie expenditure.

Why We All Avoid Training Legs

Here’s the real reason many people do not train legs: it’s physically and mentally exhausting. Large movements like Squats and Deadlifts require so much more energy and effort from your body and mind. This is why such exercises are so good at building endurance, strength and character like no other exercise.