Meal Prep For Weight Loss

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Meal prep is a great way to lose weight. In fact, many consider it the no.1 weight loss strategy out there. While that might seem like quite a big statement, it’s one that we at Recipe For Results, believe very strongly in. Today we’re going to look at some tips to ensure your healthy meal prep helps you on your journey to your goal weight.


Know Your Calories

Calories in and calories out. Calorie counting, while not something you want to get hooked on, is something that needs to be monitored. Know the calories you need to be consuming and ensure your meal prep doesn’t go beyond that.

Stock Up With Healthy Essentials

If we all had the willpower of an Olympic champion, then we wouldn’t need meal prep, right? So, let’s face it, it’s always best to think ahead and stock your cupboards full of healthy options. No one’s going to come and prize that snack out of your hand at night so best make it a healthy one.

Choose Healthy Prep Recipes

While you may think it helps simply sticking to meal times and smaller portions, you need to ensure the meals you are eating are packed with the right nutrition. Don’t just consider calories, think food groups, your macros etc. While we know it may not be possible to suddenly fill your entire week with brand new recipes, start off with small changes. Perhaps white rice for brown. Couscous for quinoa. You may even want to eat variations of the same things for breakfast and lunch to make things easier for you and ensure you’re getting the right nutrition each and every day.

Focus On Your Food Struggles

everyone has a particular struggle. Let’s face it, if we didn’t then meal prep wouldn’t be needed. We’d be able to find ourselves the healthiest option wherever we were. If you, like many out there struggle with eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast, then take the time to create the perfect breakfast for the coming week. Now instead of rushing out the door on an empty stomach, you’ll have breakfast ready and waiting for you. Instant change for the better, with just a little preparation.

Prep Appropriate Portion Sizes

It doesn’t matter how healthy the foods you’re eating are, if you’re eating too much then you’re overeating and will inevitably gain weight, or in the very least, hit a stalemate with your weight loss goal. It’s something we all do, from cereal bowls to snacks, our portion sizes have become out of control. It’s one of our biggest calorie busters, grabbing way more than one portion. By being mindful when it comes to portion control, you can still enjoy some of the food you love from nuts to crackers and even chocolate bars.

Healthy Meal Prep In Essex

Meal Prep For Weight Loss – We Can Help

Meal Prep, while not brain surgery, can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if you aren’t too familiar with food groups and nutrition. Here at Recipe For Results, we provide a fantastic meal prep service in Essex. Each package available can be totally customised to suit your needs and delivered straight to your door. For more information, simply contact us today on 01277 636042.


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