How To Bring More Flavour To Your Meal Prep

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Whether you’re a complete meal prep convert or simply someone who chooses to meal prep on days they’re away from home, one thing’s for sure, cooking a few healthy options at the start of the week is a great way to cut down on cooking time.

Ensure Your Are Eating Nutritious Food

It’s also an incredibly effective way to ensure you’re getting the exact nutrients you need, when you need it, no matter what you may be doing that day. Here at Recipe For Results, we know only too well just how effective meal prep can be when it comes to reaching your fitness and nutrition goals. It’s quick, it’s relatively easy and it can work out rather cost-effective. The problems most people face when they’re meal prepping for themselves however, is ensuring their meals are as packed with flavour as they are nutrition. 

 Meal Prep Tips For Flavoursome Foods

One of the keys to remember is that you’re prepping food that may not be eaten for another few days. Whatever you prepare will very likely sit in your fridge for a day or two so you’ll want to throw together foods that aren’t just versatile but have the ability to stand refrigerated for a few days without losing their flavour or substance.

 Top Tips To Bringing Flavour To Your Meal Prep

To help ensure your meal prep is on top, we’ve gathered a few top tips that won’t just help you with the prep as a whole, but will ensure your meal prep tastes even more flavoursome than before. Here are some of our best meal prep tips just for you:

A Whole Days Worth Of Meal Prep In Essex

2. Keep The Basic Ingredients

We’re not talking about salt and pepper here. When we discuss the basic ingredients, we’re talking about feta, Parmesan, lemons and limes. These are such versatile ingredients and are great for adding some immense flavour to otherwise bland meals. Things like feta are perfect in salads, lemon and limes ideal for making meal prepped meals feel fresh again and Parmesan with its strong flavours are fantastic for adding some real punch to otherwise lacklustre meals.

Healthy Meal Prep In Essex

4. Roast Potatoes In Foil

While roasting potatoes whole will obviously take around an hour, you’ll thank yourself for it when you take that first bite. The inside of the potato gets nice and soft and thanks to the foil keeping them covered in the oven, the outside remains crispy. It’s also worth storing them whole once they’ve been cooked as it gives you the option to chop them up, mash them up etc without compromising the flavour/consistency of the potato on the inside.


1. Use Broth Or Jarred Sauces

When cooking grains, it can be all too easy to reach for the water but by using broth or jarred sauces instead, you’re avoiding the usual bland flavours that accompany grains such as rice and lentils. Using broth will add a subtle flavour, whereas using jarred sauces will add a more vibrant flavour. Just be mindful to check the ingredients of the sauces you’re using to avoid excess fat and calories in your meals.

Healthy Meal Prep Essex

3. Roast Chicken On The Bone

When it comes to meal prep, a lot of people head straight for the chicken breasts. While boneless chicken breasts are obviously lean and high in protein, they lack the flavour that chicken enjoys when roasted while still on the bone. By cooking with bone and skin on, you’ll ensure the meat remains not only moist but enjoys a much richer flavour.

A Whole Days Worth Of Meal Prep In Essex

5. Keep Your Fish Fresh

When it comes to fish, it’s highly advised that you don’t cook it more than a day in advance. Salmon, as beautiful as it is, doesn’t taste anywhere near as good. While it’s safe to do this, you won’t enjoy as rich a flavour so where possible, keep your fish fresh and only cook the day before.


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